The Company

Guasch System - Who We Are

The Guasch System company growth goes hand to the development of our expertise and the manufacturing and

installation of all types of teak work throughout Spain.

In Guasch System Teak we specialize in replacing the rubber seals on the teak decks instead of slats and sanding teak decks.


  • We install in the great majority of Spanish boatyards

  • We collaborate with  the most important Refits companies in Spain.

  • We manage directly over 25 projects a year.

  • In 2012 we have installed over 300m2 of solid teak decks, we re caulked over 800m2 and we've installed over 150m2 of synthetic cover.

  • Our system is fast, clean and affordable.

It enables us to make partial or complete repairs on teak decks, both in small boats as in megayachts.

We work on the mooring without having to move the boat, so we avoid additional costs.

We sell ​​supplies, slats, planks for nautical carpenters and we are available to make our installations anywhere in Spain

In short, our professional trajectory is our guarantee.