Teak Decks Working Process | Decks Manufacturing and Templating

Teak Decks - Working Process

Templating of decks:

The decks templating process in the area to be covered with teak is one of the main parts in this kind of work, as it is the starting point. Guasch System performs this process manually or digitally, depending on the size of the work to be done.

The expertise of our technical department will take account of the details that need to be considered, joints, frames, the continuity of the lines from stem to stern and the consistance of symmetries. All this in order to complete the project so a high quality work can be appreciated. 

The templating process, according to teak m2 to be covered, can range between 1 and 3 days, all the information is transferred to the CAD program and CNC to produce pieces with with utmost precision.

Decks Manufacturing:

The manufacturing is done in our production, we control all stages to ensure that our teak decks are top quality, starting from selected teak, gauging the thickness of each board one by one, through the design of every detail, professionalism and training of all members of our team and ending in the our customer satisfaction to completion of work.

Parts are manufactured the basis of the templates developed. We create fully finished kits to the boat when they only have to install with minimal adjustment. The back of our pieces of teak is laminated with epoxy resin. Also impregnated with a fabric of 200 grams, which guarantees a greater resistance and adherence.

In an average of 4/5 weeks, package delivery and sent it to the boat ready to install.


The process is as follows: A Guasch System technician will verify that there is enough teak thick, we then remove the current rubbers, we rout the channels until we get a thickness of 4 / 5mm deep, taqueamos carcasses to align all the regattas and we proceed to the application of the new rubber.

After the curing process of the new rubber (about 20 days) we proceed to the total deck sanding.