Sistema de Cubiertas de Teka

Teak Decks - Guasch System

Our goal: to provide our customers with high quality teak decks at low cost

We are specialists in teak decks and we offer high quality solutions at an affordable price. We have designed a process automation system that allows us to make works at a cost much lower than market cost, since we are not forced to move many teak m2.

Our system is clean, fast and we can do all works in the boat mooring without beaching.

A member of our technical team will visit your boat in order to take measures, and see all details to consider, so that our technical office can send you a  closed budget including all works to be performed (we make the budget for free).

Teak replacement is our last option, since many times the thickness of teak is still enough. We then replace only the rubber (re caulking), and after sanding, the teak deck is perfect. So, we repair teak decks, we replace slats and sand teak decks.

One of the most common problems in teak decks is the rubbers degradation. They start to stain and degrade slowly until they finally detach from teak. The boat seems then carelessness plus the chances of water leaks are multiplied.